We're first and foremost human geneticists

We are a collaborative team of data scientists, computational biologists, genome detectives, with diverse backgrounds but a shared vision — building new “hardware” (experimental) and “software” (computational) approaches to generate and interpret human biological data. We strive for a fundamental understanding of human biology with an eye to improving human health. Want to join? We are hiring!

  • Jimmie Ye (叶淳), PhD

    Jimmie Ye (叶淳), PhD

    Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Institute of Human Genetics

    Jimmie Ye is the Josephine I. James Assistant Professor at the Institute for Human Genetics, UCSF where he is leading a team developing computational and experimental techniques to understand the interaction between genetics and the environment in defining human traits and disease. Jimmie received his PhD in Bioinformatics from UCSD and his BS in Bioengineering and BS in EECS at UC Berkeley. For the last four years, Jimmie was a postdoctoral fellow in Aviv Regev’s lab at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, a leading genomics and genetics research institute advancing biomedicine. While there, Jimmie first authored two papers highlighting how natural human genetic variation, some associated with disease, modulate response in innate (Lee and Ye et al, Science 2014) and adaptive immune response (Ye et al, Science 2014). Jimmie has also had a number of industry positions including a stint at Apple as a hardware engineer and as a consultant for pharmaceuticals including Genentech and Amylin. Looking forward, Jimmie is excited about combining novel technologies to “read” and “write” the genome and computational modeling to: (1) map the cellular circuitry underlying genome function and (2) identify the genetic and environmental factors that disrupt the circuitry in disease. In addition to traditional academic research, Jimmie is excited about the prospects of collaborating extensively with industry to design and implement both hardware and software infrastructures to engage the general public in conducting large scale human epidemiology studies. These studies in theory would enable us to identify lifestyle and genetic causes of disease, understanding the molecular mechanisms of disease, monitor the efficacy and safety of therapies, and ultimately lead to new therapeutic strategies.

  • Rachel Gate

    Rachel Gate

    BMI Graduate Student

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  • Meena Subramaniam

    Meena Subramaniam

    BMI Graduate Student

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  • Dmytro Lituiev

    Dmytro Lituiev

    Postdoctoral Fellow

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  • Lenka Maliskova

    Lenka Maliskova

    Senior Research Assistant

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  • Luna


    Professional Lab Mascot

    Luna started her career moonlighting as a mascot for various labs to finance her chew toy habits. Since then, she has started her own business as a professional lab mascot. She has grown her team to a respectable size of 14 dogs, 0 cats and 2 goldfish.

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