We believe science belongs to the public. Although as scientists each working on our own projects, we often struggle to find time to disseminate the data to the rest of the scientific community. We will try to be better at this and here’s a start with all of the ImmVar data in one place! Look out for a more user friendly interface coming up as well soon.

ImmVar Datasets

We delightfully call the ImmVar papers “Triptych”, which unfortunately engenders images of Francis Bacons’ rather disturbing but thought provoking images. Feel free to also refer to these papers as the ImmVar Trifecta. Now without further ado, the links to ImmVar:

Paper 1: Activated dendritic cells (Lee, et al. Science 2014)

SuperSeries GSE57542

  • Nanostring Data (N samples): GSE53165
  • Affymetrix Array Data (N samples): GSE53166

Paper 2: Baseline monocytes and T cells (Raj, et al. Science 2014)

Affymetrix Array Data (N samples): GSE56035

Paper 3: Activated T cells (Ye, et. al. Science 2014)

Superseries: GSE60236

  • Affymetrix Array Timecourse (N samples): GSE60234
  • Affymetrix Array Individual Variation (N samples): GSE60235
  • Nanostring Data (N samples): GSE60341