We published a new and final paper (Ye et al. Science 2014) in the ImmVar series examining the variation of adaptive immune response and its genetic basis. In addition to identifying SNPs associated with T cell activation, this paper shows how these associations and the associated biological pathways maybe involved in autoimmunity. Press release 1Press release 2Read more!
We published a second paper (Raj et al. Science, 2014) in the ImmVar series identifying genetic variation associated with variation in immune cell function. We discovered a polarization of cell type specific SNPs with different immune related disorders. This work may have implications on future disease studies and diagnostics. Press release. Read more!
The first of three papers from the ImmVar Consortium examining the genetic basis of innate immune response was published (Lee et al. Science 2014). This work lays the ground work for applying genomics and genetics approaches to study the genetic basis of transcription response in other stimulated cell types. Press release. Read more.